Bible Blessings – The Rest – Exodus 33:14

Blessings of rest.  Prayer requests?

Exodus 33:14, “And he said, “My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”

Summer was a whirlwind of fun travel adventures! In the beginning I felt great excitement and anticipation as I imagined the different trips. Plans were made, clothes were packed and off we went. While we experienced new sights, activities, food and people, and reconnected with family, overwhelming weariness crept in which is especially challenging for someone with chronic pain.

During recent readings of the Old Testament I recalled God’s command for the Israelites to gather their gear, leave Egypt and travel to distant places, i.e., the Land of Milk and Honey – The Promised Land. They may have started the journey with enthusiasm as to the future, but I imagine, as fatigue grew greater and greater each day, they couldn’t wait to unpack bags, settle in, and create permanent homes. When their exhaustion, doubt and discouragement became too heavy to bear, God gave the words of this verse to Moses to pass onto the people as reassurance of God’s continual provision and presence.

No matter where you find yourself today – on a trip, at the corner market, on the job, in school or some grand adventure, God is with you. When life becomes too much to handle, remember God lifts and cradles you with His Holy Hand of Relief, Rest, and Reassurance. So enjoy the journey with Him! It’s good to be home – in the permanent presence of God.

Resting in God’s Presence, PJ

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