Focused on the Light

Recently I was driving home at night during a rainstorm which made it nearly impossible to see. Torrential rain pounded the windshield, reflected lights glared off rain-soaked surfaces, and the back spray of surrounding cars obscured my vision and frazzled the nerves. However, as long as I stayed focused on the lights of the car directly in front I avoided crashing into the median on my left or veering into traffic to the right. I trusted the light and finally made it home without incident.

God’s light shines far more brilliantly than a mere car’s. His light shows me the way, guides me in darkness, and shines through all storms.

“Then Jesus again spoke to them, saying, “I am the Light of the world; he who follows Me will not walk in the darkness, but will have the Light of life.” John 8:12

“The Lord was going before them in a pillar of cloud by day to lead them on the way, and in a pillar of fire by night to give them light, that they might travel by day and by night.” Exodus 13:21

I can choose to follow His light or try to make it on my own. But when I step out on my own the possibility of crashing slaps me in the face.

“For You light my lamp; The Lord my God illumines my darkness.” Psalm 18:28

“In Him was life, and the life was the Light of men.” John 1:4

Blessings of God’s light! Prayer requests? Will you choose to stay focused on Jesus this week?

“Dear Lord, Help me to follow your light moment by moment, day by day. Thank you, Amen.”

Walking in the Light of Jesus, PJ

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About PJGover

PJ is a writer and Bible teacher who explores His Word and Way while imbedded within the world's insanity!
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