The Problem of Spiritual Pain

Physical pain captures our attention, and if severe enough, demands immediate action in the form of medication, surgery, therapy, or lifestyle change including diet, exercise, and stress management. If we choose to ignore pain we suffer consequences of increased symptoms and further disability. Recent travel jumped my pain level and necessitates a return to gentle exercise and healthy eating which I’ve neglected.

What about spiritual pain? When our mind, soul, and heart hurt do we think God ‘dropped the ball?’ Do we seek help from the Bible and other Christians or begin to deny God’s existence and power? Do we believe God can work our wounds for good or do we figure He failed? Do we consider our trial part of His Divine plan or do we drown in discouragement? Do we view God’s love as less, His mercy marred, His grace garbled, and His promises polluted?

Deuteronomy 3:24, “O Lord God, You have begun to show Your servant Your greatness and Your strong hand; for what god is there in heaven or on earth who can do such works and mighty acts as Yours?”

When we ignore spiritual pain we also suffer consequences. If we pull away from God thinking He is the problem life’s pain increases and we suffer eternal disability. We grow feeble without faith, weakened without wisdom and His Word, broken and blinded without His blessing, handicapped without holiness, disabled without direction, crippled without Christ, and paralyzed without His Presence and peace.

Psalm 42:5, “Why are you in despair, O my soul? And why have you become disturbed within me? Hope in God, for I shall again praise Him for the help of His presence.”

What is your spiritual pain today? Will you trust Him with your life right now?

Psalm 31:14, “But as for me, I trust in You, O Lord, I say, You are my God.” (Emphasis mine.)

“Dear Lord, let me refuse to pull away when problems come, and instead draw close to You through Jesus Christ our Lord, Savior, and Everlasting Healer. Amen.”

Choosing God’s Route to Spiritual Healing and Health, PJ

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PJ is a writer and Bible teacher who explores His Word and Way while imbedded within the world's insanity!
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